Dyspraxia Awareness Week 2020

This past week (4th – 10th) October has been Dyspraxia Awareness Week! For this year’s awareness week, each day I’ve been sharing an image with a fact/some information about dyspraxia on my social media accounts. I thought I’d also share them on my blog.

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Stepping out of your comfort zone when you have a disability

We all have our comfort zones, whether we have a disability or not, and stepping out of those comfort zones can be more difficult for some people than others. When you have a disability, stepping outside of your comfort zone can be more than just confidence, there are lots of additional factors to think about. 

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Dyspraxia – A Personal Insight

I’ve put together a compilation of home videos from over the years to give an insight into dyspraxia and what it can ‘look’ like. Of course, not all areas of dyspraxia are shown and it can affect people in many other ways but hopefully this will help to give a little insight. I also hope it’s something that you’ll find entertaining along the way – I certainly laughed lots when making this! It’s intention is to raise awareness so please feel free to share.

Natalie 🙂

Deaf Awareness Week 2020

A few years ago now I said that I’d write a blog post for Deaf Awareness Week (this years is 4th – 10th May), so it’s about time I wrote that post! Deafness isn’t something which affects me personally but it does affect two members of my family – my Dad and my Nan. So obviously this blog is kind of my perspective of other’s experiences. Hearing loss affects people in so many different ways so this blog post is by no means intended to be representative of everyone but hopefully it will help to raise a little awareness. My Dad wrote a blog post on his experiences a couple of years ago.

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12 Positive side effects from being in lockdown

It’s been over a month since I last posted on here. Contrary to what I thought, I just haven’t had much motivation for blogging during lockdown (that’s not to say I don’t enjoy blogging, it’s just not been my ‘go-to’ thing to do lately for some reason). So when I suddenly came up with this idea for a topic and lots of ideas of what to write, I thought I’d get going with writing it straight away!

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Cerebral Palsy – 8 lesser known facts

It’s now come to the end of March and only the beginning of what is a very difficult time for the whole world. It’s crazy how quickly all of this has happened and feels so surreal… This month has also been National Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month. In some ways it doesn’t feel right to be talking about anything other than coronavirus – is it the right time to be trying to raise awareness? But I started this post a few weeks ago now and wanted to finish it. And perhaps people may want to read something non coronavirus-related. I know writing it is certainly a good way to take my mind off things anyway, so I thought I would go ahead and share this.

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Specific Learning Difficulty vs. Learning Disability – What’s the difference?

Something I so often see in various places – social media, presentations and in general conversation – is the confusion of the terms ‘specific learning difficulty’ and ‘learning disability’, where ‘specific learning difficulties’ are often referred to as a ‘learning difficulty’ or ‘learning disability’. It is something which does frustrate me, as I feel it’s important that both categories of disability get the understanding and recognition they deserve. Equally, it’s something I’m passionate about. I have talked about it briefly in my blogs before but having seen more and more of this confusion, I thought I would dedicate a blog post specifically to cover it. For clarification, this is in relation to the terminology in the UK (the terminology in America is different, which is something I will cover in this post).

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Dyspraxia and Organisation – A different perspective

Disclaimer: This is just my personal experience and, although some dyspraxics may be able to relate, it certainly isn’t the case for everyone. For many dyspraxics, organisation is something they struggle with a lot.

One of the common traits of dyspraxia is difficulties with organisation, which I can relate to to some extent. However, a comment I have had on more than a few occasions is “Wow, you’re so organised!” This isn’t something you would commonly associate with dyspraxia, but for me I feel that having dyspraxia has actually contributed to me being more organised.

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Plastic straws – but what about us?

This is a topic that I’ve been wanting to write about for a while. Although it is something which isn’t discussed as much in the media now as it was a couple of years ago, it is still an important issue – particularly for those of us with disabilities. And I’m not talking about the use of plastic straws, I’m talking about the fact that they have been banned.

Initially, when there was talk about reducing the use of plastic straws, with some news articles stating that they would be banned, I didn’t think that much of it. Surely it was just an idea that had been taken out of context? They couldn’t just ban plastic straws altogether without coming up with a suitable alternative…

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