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World Vitiligo Day 2017

I know my usual blog posts are about dyspraxia, but I also have a skin condition called vitiligo which I wanted to blog about. I’ve actually been meaning to write this particular blog post for a couple of years now, but each year I’ve never got round to writing the blog post in time (except this year of course – only just, though!)

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Lipodystrophy awareness

You are most likely reading this right now, after having read the title, thinking “What on earth is ‘lipodystrophy’?” I would have thought exactly the same a couple of years ago. That was before my mum mentioned that she thought she might have it – she was then diagnosed with it a year later.

I normally blog about dyspraxia, but my mum suggested a while ago that I could write a blog post about lipodystrophy as it is so frustrating how little awareness there is out there. So I went ahead and wrote this blog post to hopefully raise a bit of awareness.

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