Deaf Awareness Week 2020

A few years ago now I said that I’d write a blog post for Deaf Awareness Week (this years is 4th – 10th May), so it’s about time I wrote that post! Deafness isn’t something which affects me personally but it does affect two members of my family – my Dad and my Nan. So obviously this blog is kind of my perspective of other’s experiences. Hearing loss affects people in so many different ways so this blog post is by no means intended to be representative of everyone but hopefully it will help to raise a little awareness. My Dad wrote a blog post on his experiences a couple of years ago.

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12 Positive side effects from being in lockdown

It’s been over a month since I last posted on here. Contrary to what I thought, I just haven’t had much motivation for blogging during lockdown (that’s not to say I don’t enjoy blogging, it’s just not been my ‘go-to’ thing to do lately for some reason). So when I suddenly came up with this idea for a topic and lots of ideas of what to write, I thought I’d get going with writing it straight away!

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Lipodystrophy awareness

You are most likely reading this right now, after having read the title, thinking “What on earth is ‘lipodystrophy’?” I would have thought exactly the same a couple of years ago. That was before my mum mentioned that she thought she might have it – she was then diagnosed with it a year later.

I normally blog about dyspraxia, but my mum suggested a while ago that I could write a blog post about lipodystrophy as it is so frustrating how little awareness there is out there. So I went ahead and wrote this blog post to hopefully raise a bit of awareness.

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