Other awareness raising

On this page you can keep up-to-date with the awareness raising I’ve been doing outside of my blog/dyspraxia-related events I’ve attended.



Facebook page – I created my Facebook page for my blog.


The Mighty Article – After writing a blog post for my own blog, “10 things not to say to someone with dyspraxia”, I contacted The Mighty (a website which features various disability-related articles) to see if they would be interested in featuring it on their website. I was so happy when they said they would like to publish it on their website! Understandably there needed to be editing involved, so the article on their website is slightly different to my original blog post and includes some American terms, but nonetheless it was great to have it featured on their website!




Dyspraxia Foundation Youth Focus Group – The previous month I had been invited to join the Dyspraxia Foundation Youth Focus Group. In January I attended my first meeting with the group, at the Dyspraxia Foundation office in Hitchin, where we discussed ideas for the youth website. It was my first time meeting some people in person who I’d previously spoken to online through the Dyspraxia Foundation Youth group, so that was really nice.12376213_1023011564403885_8400220943380119813_n


Dyspraxia Foundation AGM & summer conference – I attended my first Dyspraxia Foundation event, which involved a meeting with the Dyspraxia Foundation Youth group where we discussed ideas. I wasn’t able to stay for the whole day, but I really enjoyed the part of the day I was there for.

British 10k – The reason I was unable to stay for the whole day was because the next day I took part in my first ever 10k event (the British 10k) with my friend and fellow dyspraxic blogger, Rosie. It was the first event like this I had ever taken part in. It was such a great event and was fantastic to see the sights of London. We walked the 10k, completing it in a time of 1 hour 56 mins and managed to raise £174 for the Dyspraxia Foundation! We also had someone come up to us asking what dyspraxia was, so it was nice to know we made at least one more person aware!




Parallel London – I took part in another 10k event, this time Parallel London. Parallel London is a fully inclusive event of various distances. Me and my Dad completed 10k in a time of 1 hour 36 mins, managing to beat my time from a couple of months previously! Although we weren’t fundraising this time, I made sure I wore my Dyspraxia Foundation t-shirt. At the family festival section afterwards, me and Rosie were asked if we would like to write something we wanted people to know about us – so we wrote about blogging and dyspraxia (click on each photo to see it more clearly).




Dyspraxia Youth Speaks video – As part of Dyspraxia Awareness Week I was part of the Dyspraxia Foundation Youth video: ‘Dyspraxia Youth Speaks’. It was a great opportunity to raise more awareness and the video was featured at the Dyspraxia Foundation’s ‘Celebrating Dyspraxia’ event in October.

‘Celebrating Dyspraxia’ event – I didn’t have long to get there after half a day at uni, but it was worth it! It was a great evening. I even got to meet Jamie Lambert from Collabro – the celebrity patron of the Dyspraxia Foundation!  I also won a photography award for the Dyspraxia Foundation’s competition, “Through my Eyes”.






Book review – I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to review a book, ‘Vera McLuckie and the Daydream Club’, by Jane Evans, in which the main character is dyspraxic. A shorter version of my review was featured on the publisher’s website.


Dyspraxia Foundation AGM & summer conference – I attended the Dyspraxia Foundation AGM and summer conference again this year. This time there was a section of the event specifically for Dyspraxia Foundation Youth. Thankfully this time I was able to stay the whole day. I really enjoyed it and found it so lovely to be surrounded by people who ‘get it’!

A photo from the art activity – a collage of items which we felt represented our dyspraxia/achievements in the shape of the Dyspraxia Foundation logo.


British 10k – I took part in the British 10k again, this time with my Dad. I jogged bits of it this time! I was aiming for a time of around 1 hour 30 mins, so I couldn’t believe it when I managed to complete it in a time of 1 hour 16 mins! I managed to raise £134 for the Dyspraxia Foundation, bringing the total to £235 between me and my Dad.




BBC Three Counties Radio – During Dyspraxia Awareness Week I had the fantastic opportunity to take part in a radio interview on BBC Three Counties Radio.




Tutorful article – I was contacted by someone from Tutorful, telling me that my blog had been recommended via a survey given out to parents, students and teachers who use their platform. It had been recommended as a resource they feel benefits their knowledge of dyspraxia or supports them in living with it. I was then asked to write a bit about why I felt my blog was recommended, based on its educational benefits. Soon after I was contacted again, telling me that my blog has been featured in the article! It was so nice to know that other people had found my blog helpful.


Dyspraxia Foundation AGM & summer conference – I attended the Dyspraxia Foundation AGM and Summer Conference. It was such a great day! As always, the day went far too quickly though! There were some really insightful talks and workshops, as well as the chance to catch up with some friends and meet some new people too. I particularly enjoyed the youth employment workshop – very interesting and informative. I also loved the idea during the youth workshop – there were envelopes on the wall, each with our names on and we had the chance throughout the day to write positive things about each other. So we all went home at the end of the day with an envelope of positive notes about ourselves.



British 10k – I took part in the British 10k for the Dyspraxia Foundation. It was tough in 29 degree heat!! I managed to complete it in a time of 1 hour 17 minutes though, just a minute slower than last year. I also managed to jog much more of it than last year. This time it worked out to be a total of 1 hour 5 mins jogging and 12 mins walking! Combined with the Hatfield House 10k a few months later, I managed to raise £135 for the Dyspraxia Foundation!


Scope article – I had the opportunity to write a guest blog for Scope’s online community on how disability has changed my educational experience.


Dyspraxia Foundation Awareness Week event – I attended the Dyspraxia Foundation’s event for awareness week. Members of the Dyspraxia Foundation Youth Facebook group who sent in a positive story (which has been collated into an e-book) were invited. As always, it was a great event! There was a talk by the Dyspraxia Foundation’s adult adviser and the opportunity to chat to other members of the Youth Group. I was also officially appointed as one of the Dyspraxia Foundation Youth Champions!


We recorded a live video for the Dyspraxia Foundation’s Facebook page, where we talked about what difference the Dyspraxia Foundation has made to us.


Hatfield House 10k – I took part in my second 10k of the year for the Dyspraxia Foundation. The weather was horrible, but I managed to jog the whole 10k for the first time!! I completed it in a time of 1 hour 6 minutes and 6 seconds – beating my previous PB by 10 minutes!! Along with the British 10k a few months earlier, I’ve managed to raise £135 for the Dyspraxia Foundation!