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A guide to DSA

1. What is DSA? 2. The DSA process – what should happen 3. The DSA process – what actually happened 4. Useful links For those of you who don’t know, I’m currently in my first year of university. It’s funny because thinking back to when I was in year 11, I didn’t actually want to …

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Dyspraxia & Cerebral Palsy – The similarities and differences

As someone with both dyspraxia and cerebral palsy, a question I’ve been asked before is “What is the difference between cerebral palsy and dyspraxia?” I thought I would write a blog post which looks at the similarities and differences between dyspraxia and cerebral palsy, to try to make it a bit clearer for others as …

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Visible disabilities can also be hidden

There are certain disabilities that people would assume to be ‘invisible’. I’ll often see posts on Facebook saying things along the line of “Share this if you support people with invisible illnesses/conditions” and it’ll have a list of conditions, such as: diabetes, autism, anxiety, depression, epilepsy. I’m sure you’ve all seen similar posts before. The …

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