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A typical dyspraxic day…

Dyspraxia is something that affects people everyday, but there are some days where things can go wrong more than others…and today (so far) has been one of those days! I’ve found it amusing, so I thought I would blog about it.

So starting off this morning I was walking into my bedroom and knocked my arm against the doorframe (which isn’t really uncommon with my rubbish spatial awareness!)

We then had assembly in the morning, and had to put our chairs away at the end. I had my coat on, was carrying a bag of folders, had a rucksack to put on and a chair that needed carrying. I put my rucksack on then went to pick up the chair. As I did this my rucksack fell off, meaning I had a chair in one hand, a rucksack halfway down my arm, a bag of folders in my other hand and most likely people behind me waiting. So I ended up having to stop in the middle of the hall to put the chair down, put my bag back on, pick the chair up and then attempt to successfully carry it this time…

Then I was walking up the stairs to my lesson and tripped…but luckily didn’t fall!

In my next lesson at the end I was saving my work on my laptop and then realised that I had completely missed what the teacher was saying about our mock next week, as I wasn’t able to concentrate on what he was saying at the same time as saving my work, combined with poor short term memory too! As it was important I asked him what topics he said we’d need to revise, so I got the information in the end!

As I was walking out of school there was a group of people in front of me and my brain was telling me that there was enough room between them and the pavement to walk around them (they weren’t really moving anywhere), but it wasn’t until after I’d started trying to walk around them that I realised I’d misjudged the amount of space and there wasn’t actually enough room. So I ended up having to walk in the mud, which was made worse by the rain!

I then had to walk across the playground. I wasn’t really concentrating on what was going on around me and as my spatial awareness isn’t great the next thing I knew I’d been hit by a horrible, wet football. My trousers were soaked, although I am glad I didn’t get hit in the face!

I then got in the car and nothing else eventful has happened since then. While writing this I’m sat in my onesie with a nice cup of tea, and no I haven’t spilt it as I use a straw to prevent that happening now! Well saying that, I have managed to spill it before even when using a straw, but that’s a different story!

Time to get on with revision now for mocks next week, how fun…at least nothing eventful should happen while revising!

Natalie 🙂


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